Susanne S. Braack

For 20 years I have been offering journeys to meet in dolphins and whales.  Since my first encounter with these fascinating animals I have felt a deep respect. The more I come to know about these highly developed mammals the more my love is growing for them.

Nature is an important source in my life. I love silence, beauty and truth and the OCEAN. As well as Aqua Wellness, yoga and travelling with friends. In contrary to my husband Mana it is very important for me to discover slowness! Friendship and sustanibility are of high magnitude in my life. I am looking forward travelling with you and discover different paradises on this beautiful planet.

Mana R. Bauer

Travelling ever since has been part of my life and often has initated a new phase of life. To be open for new worlds inspires and changes persepectives, so the outer journey has become also an inner journey. Together with my wife Susanne it’s a pleasure to create and organize journeys to destinations which include the topics meeting wild dolphins and whales at the sea and trailrunning across the nature and much more…

Since my childhood running has accompanied me in my life. It’s a passion so swimming in the sea (body surfing and swimming with dolphins) too. In former times I was a sprinter than I got into the  marathon. With trailrunning in nature and travelling to the sea all comes to a full circle. With joy I like to share journeys to breathtaking landscapes, which we also may explore in a more dynamic way.

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Our philosophy

OCEANO Meerzeit Travel stands for responsible and sustainable journeys being in tune with nature and the people of the particular country. Sea more
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Our team

This is our great OCEANO team. For the coming season we are playing with this team nomination: Sea more
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Caught in paradise

We are guests on this blue planet. The planet of the oceans. Through OCEANO we would like to contribute and share that we as human beings remember this and act accordingly. Sea more