Sailing Week

Time out! One week to relish your holiday, meet wild, free dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, discover the endlessly blue ocean, sail, swim, snorkel, and
simply enjoy life on board in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere together with like-minded people. Volker Boehlke – our ambassador of the oceans – and the fantastic crew of the Bessie Ellen know how to create some unique days on the ocean for all our guests.

The plan, which is dependent on the weather of course, would be to start in the southern part of Tenerife. On our crossing to La Gomera we expect to encounter the resident Pilot whales and who knows what other surprises are expecting us on this way.

The calm bays of La Gomera’s southwest coast are inviting us to count stars during the night. Over the last 20 years, 23 different species of dolphins and whales have been spotted and identified here. During this time of the year, we can expect to see Pilot whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and maybe also Common dolphins. Maybe a Beaked- or Baleen whale will emerge – the ocean is always a source of great surprises!

We will most likely head towards El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands. Close to the nature reserve of La Restinga we have the best opportunities to encounter Beaked whales and to explore the richest underwater world of the Canary Islands, if you are brave enough to get into the water during this time of the year. Or we circle La Gomera at a leisurely pace, looking for nice spots and stunning encounters.

Then it is time to get back to Tenerife. The great advantage about sailing journeys is, that days appear to be much longer because you can leave everything stressful back on shore. Thereby, it creates a perfect time-out from the daily routine with a great recreational value (it feels like 2 weeks!).

The ocean between the Canary Islands Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro (and maybe La Palma) will be our home during these days. The spring like temperatures of both air and water (even the Atlantic water is never too chilly) make the Canaries a perfect all-year-round destination, ideal for taking a break from the northern
European winter. But the season can also bring contrary weather or windy days, so that our plans to sail from Tenerife to La Gomera and El Hierro may change if
necessary. The final route will be decided by the weather, the wind and the waves, as well as the guide’s and the captain’s expertise.

This journey is a nice mixture of encounters with cetaceans, quite bays that offer you calming experiences with and in nature during the night – the whispers of the waves, counting stars, bioluminescence in the water – a cosy get together with friends and many interesting facts about the whole eco system OCEAN. Marine biologist Volker Boehlke loves to accompany guests on a sailing boat and spends as much time as possible with whales and dolphins. He knows how to explain even complex in relation with the fascinating cetaceans as well as the ecosystem of the oceans issues in an interesting and vivid way.


Travel Information

Tenerife/La Gomera
Date 2018:
20.01. – 26.01.
Tenerife South TFS
1499 €
Early bird rebate bookings before 1.04.2017 is 100 €
Minimum no. of participants:
6 Persons (3 month before the beginning of the journey)
Volker Boehlke and the crew of Bessie Ellen

The price includes:

  • 6  nights accommodation
  • Full board, 3meals, mostly vegetarian
  • Guiding throughout the trip with marine biologist Volker Boehlke
  • Information evenings and talks on cetaceans and the ocean
  • Two 2 hours long hikes
  • Harbour dues and tourist taxes
  • Organisation before and during the journey

Not included in the price:

  • Flight to Tenerife South TFS
  • Tips
  • Atmosfair – emission offset
    • Emission for you flight: ca. 920kg CO2 per person
    • Amount to compensate the CO2 emission via atmosfair is 40€

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