Canary Islands

La Gomera – Oceanic Week RELAX individual

Treat yourself in summerlike environment at the sea. You can arrive any day of the week! This wonderful mix of pleasant and individual treatments in combination with  yoga and massages  supports to balance yourself. The wind of the ocean, dolphins and whales refreshes your spirit when  on a boat excursions. A program to vitalize and truly pamper body, mind and soul! Sea more
Canary Islands

La Gomera – Oceanic Weeks Classic

Meet wild and free living dolphins and whales in a respectful manner. The Canary Islands are famous for eternal spring and La Gomera for its evergreen laurel forest and Valle Gran Rey as a colorful location in the southwest of La Gomera. La Gomera is Europe’s Hawai’i! Enjoy our most booked combination of leisure time and program. Sea more
Canary Islands

La Gomera – Trails & Whales

Get new impressions while running on easy to medium graded trails through the fabulous cloud forest with stunning views to the sea or into the canyons of the Barrancos. This “breathtaking” journey gets even more special by participating on boat excursions to the whales and dolphins and swimming in the sea. Sea more

Dolphins and Ocean

Enjoy the wideness and the sea view; meet dolphins on and in the ocean – sweet idleness mixed with colorful impressions of the island. Swimming, snorkeling, receiving massages, doing meditations could be part of your individual program. This is a perfect combination to recharge your batteries. Sea more

Atlantic Weeks

The journey brings you to the following islands: São Miguel, Pico and Faial. Therefore it is a perfect mix of excursions over land as well as at the sea to experience fascinating sea mammals which are very common here! Sea more
Sailing Week

Sailing week with marine biologist La Gomera/Tenerife

One week to relish your holiday, meet wild, free dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, discover the endlessly blue ocean, sail, swim, snorkel, and simply enjoy life on board in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere together with like-minded people. Sea more