A highlight: The encounter with the Brydes’ whale during our first trip. The willingness to stay “almost in petting distance” to the boot has been very touching. The […] Sea more
I was very impressed of how much engaged Susanne is also in the sustainability part but it is really worth it and it is a great way. I […] Sea more
Volker is very respectfully and carefully in the way he is dealing with animals and humans, which I personally highly appreciated. Mindfulness, awareness and appreciation is felt for […] Sea more
The catamaran tour in Baja California was our top destination with top-sightings! We are two women from the North of Germany that are doing respectful Whale Watching since […] Sea more
My first OCEANO Week Intensive in November 2010 created the foundation for wonderful and unforgettable experiences in truly heavenly settings. Thanks to Susanne Braack and the whole OCEANO-Team, […] Sea more
Hawaii..the most touching journey of my life… Feeling the elements, being so close to whales and dolphins. I cannot imagine more blissfulness! THANK YOU/Mahalo  […] Sea more
1st trip out: encounter with the spotted dolphins. The way they relaxed by the boat and their beauty + freedom. Also good to observe without feeling like you […] Sea more
„I am very impressed by your work here and we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. We will recommend Oceano to friends.” “Seeing the whales and dolphins up close in natural […] Sea more