team-volkerVolker Boehlke
Marine biologist

Oceanic Week Intensive, Trails & Whales La Gomera

I love the diffent sentiments on the ocean, its power and wildness as well as the abundance of contrasts between the mountanious islands and the seemingly blue depths. My passion for a functioning world guides me to give people insights into the for our eyes hidden oceans.

team-sabine2Sabine Blomeyer
Coach for industrial companies, Coaching with horses

Orca- and Dolphinweek Tarifa

I love people, awareness for life, coming home to yourself, animals, living in tune with nature, in harmony, peace and journeys!

Team_Sabine_Beck_Maihoff_01Sabine Beck-Maihoff
Graphic designerin

On the journey through my life I have been allowed to discover and design OCEANO. The project, the people connected with it and their vision was thrilling me and gave me the possibility to follow my mission in life. It is wonderful to be creative together and to realize ideas which enrich other peoples lives.

team-juliaJulia Krassek
Physiotherapist, Sportswoman

Trails & Whales La Gomera

I love running, sports and movement and the atmosphere during contests – and to play with my little son on the beach and the sea.

kaeptnSamyo J. Hoheisel

Magic Sea of Cortez

I love to be in contact with wild dolphins and whales. I am happy to share this wonderful experiences with you.