Other Destinations


Vamos Baja California

Traveling overland from bay to bay on the tracks of the great whales like Blue whales, Humpback whales and Gray whales. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Baja, where the ocean meets the desert. Let’s go – you will be “blown away”! Sea more

Love, Laughter, Lilikoi

Love of the Hawaiian people for their volcanic islands and the divine, for the dolphins and whales. Laughter on the beach and in good company, enjoying unique nature. Lilikoi, the passion fruit, is more than a juicy, yummy fruit ... Sea more

Magic Sea of Cortez

Exclusive, breath taking, incomparably! This is our journey in the Sea of Cortez: huge whales, innumerable dolphins, magical light, lonely, white beaches, good company and delicious food. TIMEOUT - a journey to pamper yourself. Sea more
South Sea

Swimming with Humpback Whales

Do you like to look into a Humpback whales eye once in a lifetime? This dream will come true in the exquisit warm waters of the South Sea. Meet these giants in the ocean, enjoy a rich and colorful underwater world and enjoy these unique experiences on dreamlike islands. Sea more

Going to let go

Dive into the warm and turquoise water to meet the playful dolphins and come up as a new person. Enjoy weightless being in the warm waters of the ocean off Bimini. This journey is a wonderful inspiration and when you leave you will feel like arrived home! Sea more