ChristelI was very impressed of how much engaged Susanne is also in the sustainability part but it is really worth it and it is a great way. I know now how I want to travel in the future. Susanne has shown me how.

I was part of a group but always free at the same time. The diversity and the selected lovely places whether in the water or ashore. I enjoyed being close and intense in nature ashore as well as on board.
If you experienced it all in this intimate and intense way, then you are not able to tell what has been the very special.

Who else has the opportunity to do such a journey? Well, those who travel with Susanne.
I loved the close contact to whales and dolphins, the opportunity to feel them and being connected to them, the Red Bay, good food, many good conversations and conventions.
One highlight followed the next one. Everything was well organized. Susanne had it all together. She is an excellent manager and companion. Even personal things had enough space.
The excursions on Hawaii were so intensive and the experiences were so deep in an emotional way.

Thank you so much – Susanne, Margareta and Mana. You were always there, it was work for you, but you could not tell!
Thank you for translating and thank you that I could fulfill a life’s dream, even without the knowledge of English, after all those years.”

Christel H.

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