Magic-Sea-of-Cortez_Anja-und-Sonja30.11.22011-242The catamaran tour in Baja California was our top destination with top-sightings!

We are two women from the North of Germany that are doing respectful Whale Watching since many years in different destinations. In the Sea of Cortez we found a huge range of marine mammals, fascinating sightings of big whales, and huge groups of dolphins.

We really have been spoiled by the crew on board of the catamaran. In the evening we anchored in little bays, enjoyed the sunset and slept on board. Our daily routine was mainly determined by the marine mammals. We were “full” and highly satisfied because of all those sightings on many days: a Blue whale-mother with a baby, jumping Blue whales, quite often big groups with Common dolphins, Orcas at close range, Humpback whales, Pilot whales, Gray whales…and besides, we could watch pelicans feeding and swam with sea lions!

For us, it was a perfect trip, always on the water with a fresh breeze calming down from the daily routine, having many fascinating sightings – a lot of experiences we will never forget. We are going to repeat this journey for sure.
Anja and Sonja from Hamburg

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