IMG_3382_IIMy first OCEANO Week Intensive in November 2010 created the foundation for wonderful and unforgettable experiences in truly heavenly settings. Thanks to Susanne Braack and the whole OCEANO-Team, that there were four following journeys after this visit, until Spring 2013. Just until now!

From the beginning on, they knew how to fascinate me with their kindness, their relentless and professional work, their caring and thoughtful dealing with nature. You feel from the first second on that every one of the team is not just doing their job, but truly doing it with all their heart and soul and that they are facing nature and humans in a very honest way. They make it easy for new arrivals to make them feel like being home and feel being part of the team. The respectful contact with nature and the animals, the willingness of the skipper to reduce disturbances of the marine mammals and other sea dwellers as much as possible, the great explanations and conversations with the marine biologists and the guides on board – all that makes every single tour something special and unforgettable.

I will keep all those moments like the excursions on the island, the hikes in the rain forest or up to La Fortaleza in my heart and with a laugh in the eye. Volker explained every genesis and contents about the island; together with us he examined every single plant and told us about every detail. Also the stop at the restaurant La Montana with Donna Efigenia is an absolutely experience and highlight for itself.

Nevertheless, it were always the whale watching excursions which touched me the most and if I do close my eyes, I immediately have the images of unforgettable hours in my mind. The opportunity to watch dolphins and whales and also other sea dwellers like turtles, sharks, tunas, marlins, seabirds and more in their natural environment is just an unexplainable moment. Who ever saw dolphins of a group of 300 and even more crossing the boat, full of joy and elegance, will never forget this picture. Just like those moments where the engines of the boat were switched off and you do hear nothing but the noises and breathing of the dolphins around you. This is quality time spent with friends. I can say that I could never imagine seeing such big groups of dolphins with my own eyes. To see them in company with these fascinating people and in this great environment is a gift. Some were that close that we could even look into each other’s eyes. It was like a promise which I kept four times until now. And it was not the last time for sure!
I was able to meet many new friends in the water and ashore. And I will foster those friendships! Thanks to everybody for that.

Hasta la proxima Carola

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