South Sea

Snorkel with Humpback whales


This is an adventure of a lifetime… snorkel with Humpback Whales in the South Sea

These two journeys into the South Sea are a dream come true. Every day we are the first to greet the new day on this planet as the international dateline is not far away – you see, we are in the front line on Tonga!

At Moorea we are relaxed and very much laid back – we say Goodbye to the days on this planet.

In the tropical waters around these Polynesian islands, where the humpback whales of the southern hemisphere escape the Antarctic winter, these cetaceans mate with each other and spend the first few weeks with their new-born calves. This area is a unique place to encounter humpback whales in the blue element and to become part of their fascinating world – if only for one seemingly endless instant.

It might get rather lively as the males try to fight for the favour of the ladies, determined to pass on their genes. Gentle and affectionate, however, is the inseparable link between mothers and their calves, which are quite interested in us human beings and tend to eye us curiously.

A highly important matter on all our tours is respect – we are guests and the whales are our hosts. If the situation allows it, we submerge into to the turquoise water to wait and see what’s happening next… every encounter is a present.

We do not have a fixated program, the marine animals guide us through these valuable days. We drift on the fleeting tracks of these enchanting whales and listen to their complex songs under water surface.
In the swallow waters around the islands is also much more to see: coral gardens and richness in colourful fish. The Friendly Islands, how the islands are also called, await us with beautiful white beaches, the lush green silhouette of the island and the cheerful and sometimes chubby but always cheerful local population.

We add our own culinary factor with Mana’s excellent cooking skills on the catamaran tour… at one point you will realize: You are living a dream come true in the heart of the South Sea. We pinch you, if you want us to ;-) !

Travel information

South Sea

August 2019 – Tonga, South Sea

September 2019 – Moorea, South Sea

Please inquire:
Tonga: 3999 € per person based on double occupancy
Moorea: 2999 € per person based on double occupancy
Susanne Braack, Mana Bauer

Number of Participants:      6 Participants (until 01st March 2017)

The price includes at Tonga:

  • 9 nights in a double cabin on board of the catamaran
  • All meals and snacks
  • Organization and guide at the destination
  • Presentations about dolphins and whales
  • Harbour tax, petrol
  • National park fee
  • German and English speaking tour guide

The price includes at Moorea:

  • 10 nights in a double garden bungalow
  • 6 Whale Watching tours
  • Organization and guide at the destination
  • Presentations about dolphins and whales
  • National park fee
  • German and English speaking tour guide

The price does not include:

  • International flights to/from Tonga, South Sea (TBU) or Tahiti PPT/Moorea MOZ
  • Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine
  • Tips
  • Atmosfair – carbon offset
    • Emission for you flight: ca. 4690kg CO2 per person
    • Amount to compensate the CO2 emission via atmosfair is 340 €

    We would like to point out that there are only double cabins available on the boat. The beds are next to each other, like a double king bed, not over each other.

    We allow a discount of 100 € per person for bookings of two people on the Tonga Tour.

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