Coming back to La Gomera is always quite exciting after almost 4 month of travelling. We learned a lot and discovered truly stunning landscapes and nature at its best at the other side of the world!

Arriving in San Sebastian with the ferry, I recognized the lush green hills around the island capital. The active life at the harbor seemed so welcoming familiar.

We drove over the island during the last hours of daylight and once again it cast a spell over me. What a wonderland! Bizarre green mountain formations, the view of the Teide on Tenerife and countless amazing views, the evergreen laurel forest, and thousands of blossoms along the road… The island was bewitching again and emits a strong magic of inviolacy and soundness. On the way to the Valle Gran Rey one drives through this impressive nature without passing by many houses or villages since one of the roads leads directly through the national park.


The laurel forest is UNESCO World Heritage since 1986 and is under the highest level of protection. The heavy trauma caused by the fires in 2012 is about to heal – at least at the surface.

Mountains and the Ocean

People who like to hike have no reason to complain on this island – every level of difficulty can be found. Hikers who do it solely for the joy of hiking can take the car and stop several times, here and there, those who like it more in a sportive, challenging and alpine way, start their tour already in the valley and ascend all the way up.

Spring – especially when the winter was rainy – is a feast of flowers. Splendiferous purple meadow crane’s bill, yellow and blue colored roadways and here and there bright shining red poppy seed build the carpet for this visual celebration.

The beauty of La Gomera lies in its diversity. One can go hiking, taking a stroll in the most beautiful nature, running up mountains ;) , enjoy farsighted views from the table mountain, exploring La Merica or Garajonay – marvel at the Teide on Tenerife with its almost 3800m – currently its covert in snow. A fantastic picture!

And there is the blue and wide ocean – in which there are not only dolphins and whales to be found. The water feels refreshing during this time of the year and also at the beaches one sees that summer is on the rise: the black sand returns and covers up the stony winter beaches.


As it is a long tradition on the island, people meet at Maria’s to enjoy the sunsets – even though Maria is closed currently. Rumor has it though that there will be a German successor. The rumor mill is always running on the island… Every few days there is a fire show at Playa Maria and it is easy to get in touch with people there. There is a new pharmacy and a restaurant promotes its food now with illuminated LED advertising. The offer of charming cafes and restaurant has no equals on the Canary Islands.

Even at the road to Playa some construction took place – of course it’s not finished yet. After 2 or 3 years, everyone got used to it either way … However, the most expensive blind alley, paid by the European fund, has been finished last year. One of the exits at the roundabout at the gas station goes in direction of the ocean and has a dead end shortly beforehand…

The journey takes as long as it takes

There is no point in sugarcoating the facts. Most of the time, the journey takes 12 hours from door to door. But as we all know, holidays already start when entering the plain and the long arrival protects our island from mass tourism. Full stop. On La Gomera one meets many nature loving, open minded people, hikers and ocean lovers. Most of them return, once they got infected with the La Gomera virus…

La Gomera remains exclusive for all those people who accept the long journey and they get rewarded with the joy of experiencing tourism at a healthy and pleasant scale. Ms. Merkel figured that out, too, and spent her Easter holidays again on the island with perfect climate conditions.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. The Corrie’s Shearwater have returned and fill the nighty air with their funny noises, Neroli scent is in the air and, as I mentioned it already earlier, up at 1000m in the national park everything is in full bloom – it’s impossible not to get spring fever. Meanwhile spring is also the time of the year during which our sightings peak and we encounter the most dolphins and whales.

CR OCEANO V Boehlke (2)

Trips with 2,3 or even 4 different species are not rare. Also in the early summer we often enjoy amazing and interactive sightings. The last summer we got spoiled with many encounters with Baleen whales (Brydes whales) and starting from October, Pilot whales can be met on a regular basis in the southwestern part of the island. Putting it in different words: we offer excursions throughout the whole year (with exceptions on days where the wind is blowing too strong or from the wrong direction).

La Gomera is an enchanting island – an Isla Magica – and the ocean in the southwest of the island always contains pleasant surprises! Discover it yourself with OCEANO.

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